Accelerating the discovery of a cure for ALS.

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"As a volunteer in Prize4Life, I am a part of an innovative organization that operates on the cutting edge of research, healthcare and science, while working for a truly meaningful cause. I get to work with a bright and committed team of individuals who are passionate about what they are doing. It is incredibly satisfying.

My friends and family have been listening to my stories about Prize4Life for two years now - I never get tired of talking about it (and thankfully, they don't seem to get tired of listening). Working with Prize4Life has been by far the most rewarding experience I've had during my two years at Harvard Business School. People say school is a "transformational experience". My transformational experience is strongly linked to my involvement with Prize4Life.

It's rewarding to know that I am helping to find a cure for ALS, even if I'm only doing a very small part. I believe that many small parts like this will eventually lead to a cure. I highly recommend getting involved - anyone can contribute and together we can find a cure, soon."