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While prizes are the more visible core of our results-oriented model, we are also conscious of the need to create a vibrant and supportive arena in which our participating teams can effectively compete. Prize4Life is eager to collaborate and seek leveraged partnerships to ensure that appropriate infrastructure resources are in place to allow all competing teams equal opportunity to be successful.

The ALS Research Forum (

As one example of such partnership: in June 2009, Prize4Life and the Biomedical Research Forum (Alzforum) launched a new ALS-focused internet portal known as the The ALS Forum (renamed in 2016 as the ALS Research Forum). Reaction to the new web portal was swift and positive. The site offers ALS researchers around the world a one-stop access point for cutting edge research news and unique web-based resources. One key tool within the ALS Forum is ALSGene, a comprehensive, regularly updated collection of published genetic association studies in the field of ALS. The ALS Research Forum is now a collaborative program with Prize4Life-Israel.

The Prize4Life SOD1 Mouse Colony

Additionally, throughout the prize process would-be competitors for Prize4Life's ALS Treatment Prize expressed concern over the cost and availability of SOD1 mice to use in their preclinical studies. In response to these concerns, Prize4Life partnered with the Jackson Laboratory, the world's leading provider of mouse models for research, to maintain a mouse colony sufficient to provide adequate supplies of quality controlled mice to competing labs either free or deeply-discounted. We believe that easier access to this resource removes one of many obstacles researchers face in transforming their ideas into proven science. In addition to the mice, researchers received information and mentoring to assure that protocols are properly designed and study outcomes are useful. To download a free copy of "Working With ALS Mice", click here.

Note: Beginning 2015, the Prize4Life SOD1 Mouse Colony is no longer active.

The Pooled Open Access Clinical Trials Database (PRO-ACT) (

The Pooled Resource Open-Access ALS Clinical Trials (PRO-ACT) database houses the largest ALS clinical trials dataset ever created. It is a powerful tool for biomedical researchers, statisticians, clinicians, or anyone else interested in "Big Data." PRO-ACT merges data from existing public and private clinical trials, generating an invaluable resource for the design of future ALS clinical trials. The database will also contribute to the identification of unique observations, novel correlations, and patterns of ALS disease progression, as well as a variety of still unconsidered analyses. More than 600,000 people around them world are battling ALS. The disease strikes indiscriminately, and typically patients will die within 2-5 years following diagnosis. Currently, there are no effective treatments or a cure for ALS. Users of PRO-ACT are helping to accelerate the discovery, development, and delivery of ALS treatments, which will provide hope to patients and their families. Going forward the PRO-ACT database will be managed by Prize4Life-Israel.

The PRO-ACT Database Contains:

  • Over 10,700 fully de-identified unique clinical patient records with thousands more to come
  • Placebo and treatment-arm data from 23 late stage (Phase II/III) industry and academic clinical trials
  • Demographic, lab, medical and family history, and other data elements
  • Over 10 million longitudinally collected data points
  • Over 10 times the number of ALS patient clinical records as previously available

To view the PRO-ACT brochure, please click below. To download a PDF version click here.

Prize4Life and the Neurological Clinical Research Institute at Massachusetts General Hospital created PRO-ACT with funding from the ALS Therapy Alliance and in partnership with the Northeast ALS Consortium. PRO-ACT is a new open-access tool that was built to provide the power of "Big Data" to anyone interested in moving ALS research forward.